Eco-Leathers Collection

A marriage between two agricultural by-products. ECO-Leathers are tanned using extracted tannin from fallen Mediterranean olive leaves that, when left unremoved, prevents the leaves from composting. This is problematic since the primary method used to discard of the tannin-infused leaves is by burning them - creating a considerable (and avoidable) amount of greenhouse gases. By removing the tannin and using it to tan ECO-Leathers the leaves become compostable, returning to the ground as fertilizer and the leather is left bio-degradable.

A sustainable initiative with sustainable inputs. Olive leaves are the by-product of an annual crop and are constantly being replaced. Animal hides are the by-product of the meat industry and would putrefy without tanning. While ECO-Leathers are not inexpensive, they represent the most sustainable leather solution so far developed. Blue Angel Certified. Full specifications and general maintenance information available on request.


A soft and elegant heavyweight leather with a natural drum grain. It can be used for high wear applications such as furniture and leather goods.

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A soft and elegant heavyweight leather with a natural drum grain and beeswax finish.

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