Earth Day

Author: Bill Corless

‘Any responsible fashion brand will have a sustainability section on its website these days, so check it out before you buy to see how seriously and rigorously they take it. If it seems too vague, it’s probably ‘greenwashing’ – marketing bluster that suggests sustainable intentions but doesn’t actually deliver anything concrete.’

The above statement was taken from a Daily Telegraph article on Earth Day clothing sales (link below).

I was much taken with the above, which is the concluding statement, and how relevant that statement is to our Industry.

How many times have we been asked “I want your most environmentally sound leather (which we really do have), only to be told “it is too much money”.

People talk a great game but are much more interested in consumable price than sustainable product, it is consumers who drive demand, but we live in a throw away world and until we “walk the walk” nothing will change.

It is a great pity.

Just while I am at it let me air another “pet peeve” the word Vegan. ‘Vegan’ is often used as a synonym for sustainability, despite the most common faux leathers and synthetic wools being plain ol’ plastic by another name. 

Although this year’s Earth Day falls on April 20-22, we keep sustainability top-of-mind all year round.