Ethical Leather

Inter-Leather works exclusively with tanneries that meet or exceed legislated environmental requirements.

With a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the leather business.

Inter-Leather has developed strong supplier relationships forged over many years. Our suppliers are partners and we share the same core values: ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly practices and products.


All our partners are Leather Working Group or Blue Angel certified, two of the most demanding environmental stewardship programs for the leather industry. Both groups ensure that members have raw material traceability ensuring no raw material is sourced from eco-sensitive areas. In the tanneries, the use of potentially hazardous chemicals is tightly controlled, high quality tanning agents are used in their processes, no water is discharged from the tannery without proper treatments, and the health and safety of employees is assured.

Working with tanneries LWG certified or higher guarantees control over raw material and chemical input. These requirements are the key factors which ensure consistency, reliability and performance of our leathers.

Leather is one of the oldest, most durable materials with the highest utility. Through tanning, a waste product from the food industry is made into a beautiful and versatile covering, saving the environment from a potentially hazardous health risk if left unused.

We work hard to be one of the leading environmental leather suppliers in Canada. Make a conscious choice and choose Inter-Leather for your next project.