Leather Care and Cleaning

Leather possesses the natural qualities necessary to give furnishings a long and beautiful life. Routine care of leather is limited to dusting with a dry cloth or vacuuming once a week as dirt and dust act as abrasives on leather. Pay special attention to the arms and head rests when cleaning sofas. In these areas leather is exposed to the oils from hands, heads and hair.

Keep leather away from direct sunlight and away from direct heat. Leather requires a "normal range" of humidity for optimal lifespan.

The single most important way to care for your leather furniture is to use and enjoy it!

Never use abrasive or chemical cleaners, saddle soap, oils, detergents or furniture polish on leather. Should spills occur, blot immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. Most liquids will be initially repelled by leather, but if left over an extended period may be absorbed.

Gentle wiping is all that most spills require. Gently wipe the area with a soft, dampened sponge; blot from just beyond the stain to the centre of the stain. If required, use a mild soap and water solution and follow the instructions as above. Do not apply vigorous rubbing or use coarse cloths as these can damage the surface of the leather.

Blot dry with a clean dry cloth and allow the leather to air dry in normal room temperature. Allowing leather ample time to dry between attempts at cleaning is important as wet or damp leather is vulnerable to wear and tear.

Spot removal of red wine or chewing gum or restoring dry leather should not be attempted without consulting a specialist.